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Finnish Pug Dog Speciality Show 2008

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

The Finnish Pug Dog Speciality Show 2008 (Championship Show) will be held 6.9.2008 at Kirkkonummi, Finland.

Judges for the show are:
Bitches, Breeder Classes, BOB and Best Veteran:
Victor van Raamsdonk, Netherlands

Dogs, Puppies, Best Puppy, Puppy-Breeders Classes (unofficial) and Progeny groups (unofficial):
Javier Sanchez , Spain

Note that in Finland the Specility Show is an official dog show, with extra CC’s. The more pugs showed, the more CC’s are available. For every 20 pugs (not puppies) showed, 1 CC can be given. The maximum is 3 CC’s for sex. (1-39 judged/sex in official classes = 1 CAC, 40-59 = 2 CAC’s, 60+ = 3 CAC’s)

Foreign champions need only one Finnish CAC to gain their Finnish Championship provided they are over 2 years of age.

The judging will start at 10:00 (a.m.)

Last entry date is 4.8.2008.

Notice the National CAC-show
At the same weekend, there is a National CAC-show in Helsinki. More information about that show:

Contact-Information for the show can be found here pdf or here html. Information is only in Finnish, but you can send questions in other languages to this email address: erikoisnayttely2008[a] (replace [a] with @).

The entry form can be found here (in Finnish & Swedish) and here (in English)

Address for the show-location is:
Övidsborgintie 24,
02550 Evitskog

Map to the show-location

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Swedish Pug Dog Speciality Show 2008

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

The swedish Pug Dog Speciality Show 2008 will be held 6.6.2008 at Medevi, Sweden.

Judge for the show is Ann-Sofie (Sofia) Jonsson, Italy
Ann-Sofie is a pug breeder with kennel-name Kennel Filosofia’s

Here is map to show where Medevi is.

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