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Best Showpugs in Sweden 2007

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Here are the final results of the Swedish Pug Dog Club’s “Mopsligan”

Best Dogs

01. Siivas Fabolous Forever
02. Filosofias Marcello
03. Puggens Elling
04. Tangetoppen’s Damien Dream O’Norway
05. Beamztar Pavarotti
06. Moloss Good Life
07. Sirna’s Doc Takes A Holiday
08. Kingsize Fawn Italian Ravioli
09. Semlans Leon
10. Kingsize Fawn English Toddy

Best Bitches

01. Tangetoppen’s Bz Star
02. Robic’s Here I Come to Ipzig
03. Puggens Hedda Landin
04. Zuma’s Just N Other Cover Girl
05. Moloss Chupa Chup Love Me
06. Puggens Irma Irmelin
07. Ching Lis Nora
07. Kingsize Fawn English Muffin
09. Puggens Just Jessika
10. Moloss Dior Star